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ORCOM KVB is a US based accounting and tax services firm with American Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and French diplomes Experts-comptables (French CPA licensees).

ORCOM KVB, with multi-lingual staff, joins its effort with a common goal:

Assisting European companies to develop their activities in North America

Our fields of expertise:

• Accounting

• International Taxation

• Business Development.


• Banks and other Financial Institutions

• Retailers and Wholesalers in the world of Fashion and Cosmetics

• Services/Consulting Companies

Accounting & Administrative Services

Accounting and back office services with respect of American standards.
Reporting to European Headquarters (Translation from/to IFRS, US GAAP)

International Taxation

American and international taxation compliance and consulting for corporations and individuals - International Tax Treaties Expertise

Business Development

• Assistance on incorporating your business
• Assistance on visa application (financial aspects of the process) in coordination with immigration lawyers
• Domiciliation and temporary office space rental (weekly, monthly)
• IT Support and web hosting
• Anti money laundering projects for Financial Institutions

Due diligence of acquisition

ORCOM KVB  will open its “select” network to your business (Lawyers, bankers, NYC officials and the French trade Representatives) to facilitate your business development.


American Certified Public Accountants and French diplômés (French CPA licensees). Thirty five professionals led by Salomon kapetas and Frederic V. Blanchard with over 15 years of experience servicing European clients developing activities in the United States.


The knowledge of Tax Treaties and International accounting norms make ORCOM KVB and its team a unique partner for your development in North America.

Salomon Kapetas

Expatriated to the US since 1997, Salomon Kapetas is the co-founding Partners of KVB Partners, a Firm established in the Financial District of Manhattan.

Educated in accountancy in the prestigious “Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers de Paris », Salomon Kapetas started his professional carrier by major NY auditing Firms.

Licensed to practice and represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Salomon Kapetas, EA assist French companies establishing their subsidiaries in the US, preparing due diligences of acquisition and international taxation.

Salomon Kapetas is also specialized in individual US and international taxation.

Frederic V. Blanchard

Frédéric Victor Blanchard is co- founder of the company KVB Partners, Inc where he assists individuals and corporations in their US tax needs. His main expertise is International Taxation and assisting European companies in their business developments.

M. Blanchard is « expert-comptable diplômé » in France (French CPA) and has obtained a Master degree in Accounting and Tax from Birmingham University (UK). He also has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service as an IRS enrolled agent. He spent 15 years of his professional life in the US serving major European groups in various industries such as fashion and cosmetic in their American activities. Mr. Blanchard has assisted many expatriates and HR departments to solve issues related to Social Security or tax treaties.

Frédéric Victor Blanchard speaks English and French and has participated in many conferences and guides about US Tax issues.

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Suite 3502
New York, NY 10004

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Salomon Kapetas
Frederic V. Blanchard

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